About Pegasus

Pegasus Property Funds (USA)

Pegasus Property Funds LLC is a Limited Liability Company registered in the United States of America and is the main holding company and principal owner of Pegasus Property Funds (Ecuador). It is the head office and oversees the whole Pegasus Group and is responsible for the back office processing of all new and existing business received from investors and introducers. Additionally all due diligence and middle office duties (customer service) are performed by this office.

Pegasus Property Funds (Ecuador)

Pegasus Property Funds S.A. is a PLC (Public Limited Company) authorised and registered in the Republic of Ecuador. The company is primarily responsibile for the global distribution, active management, operation and administration of our proprietary Ecuador-domiciled investment funds. Additionally this office is responsible for all day-to-day queries and co-ordinating the international distribution and sales of all funds directly to professional and institutional investors, pension funds, fund of funds, family offices, corporations and trusts and indirectly using regulated, independent wealth management companies, financial advisors and fund distributors, referred to as (“Introducers”). All funds and assets are regulated in the Republic of Ecuador through an independent Trust efectively replicating an REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust).

We focus on providing investors with a range of open-ended, actively managed investment vehicles primarily concentrated in the property sector offering liquidity and risk-adjusted returns. Investors can now benefit form investing in the only country in Latin America denominated in a base currency of US dollars therefore mitigating currency risk.

Based in Quito, Ecuador, our diverse team has more than 30 years of combined international and local experience in different sectors of financial and property markets including; investment banking, wealth management, fund management, private equity, property analysis, real estate investment, project management and sales.

Fund Advisory Board (FAB)

The Fund Advisory Board (FAB) is a non-executive unit responsible for advising on the strategic direction and oversight of the quality of investment decisions being made for all funds. The board comprises of 6 permanent qualified members, each of which is an expert in their field, with more than 100 years of combined experience. Members include; a partner of Pegasus Property Funds, independent legal advisors, property advisors, constructors, architects and accountants. Members are regularly called upon to review new investment opportunities and proposals that fall within their field of expertise and experience providing un-biased analysis and contributing to the strategic selection of the underlying assets in the funds. The board meets on a monthly basis to review all funds existing assets, performance, exposure etc.

Fund Advisory Board members receive no form of remuneration from the company therefore advice and decisions are truly investor orientated. Membership in by invitation only with board members normally serving for a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 5 years.

Trust (Ecuador)

Pegasus Property Funds (Ecuador) uses a regulated independent Trust registered in the Republic of Ecuador which operates similar to an REIT. The Trust is responsible for providing fiduciary services for all underlying assets held in the funds and is duty bound to manage the assets in accordance with and to the advantage of the best interests of investors. The Trust acts on behalf of Pegasus Property Funds providing custody services for all underlying assets and investor money.