The current global economic climate has led many Investors to seek uncorrelated investments in property. Throughout the process we remain focused on the quality of the assets – and their value – when managing each Funds portfolio. We aim to generate the majority of the target outperformance through detailed research and analysis, good asset selection, ongoing management and preferential discounts. Our dedicated property research team identifies those sectors, regions and property characteristics to take advantage of the investment cycle, which helps the investment team shape the portfolio by targeting particular sectors and properties, which in aggregate could meet or exceed the funds performance objective.

Discover the advantages available for you at Pegasus Property Funds.

Land Costs1

Land costs in Ecuador per square meter vary depending on the location of the land but remain extremely undervalued compared to other countries in the region. We focus purely in the Funds.

Construction Costs2

Construction costs in Ecuador per square meter are currently approximately 30 - 50% lower compared to other countries in the region. By using our third party constructor we are able to deliver projects on time and to international building standards. Additionally by using new pre-fabricated technology in some projects turn around times and construction costs can further be reduced by 30 - 40% maximising profitability in the funds.

Rental Yields3

Rental yields are currently far superior in Ecuador and have remained stable, currently at around 8 - 10% net p.a. of the total property value compared to Brazil 4%, Peru 5% and Chile and Colombia 6% p.a. We only let properties to financially secure tenants with contracts ranging from 1 - 3 years. Rental yields create an additional regular flow of income into the Funds.

Transaction Costs4

Transaction costs remain low in Ecuador when compared to Brazil 11.5%, Argentina 10.8% and Peru 7.6%. These relate to the total costs associated to the acquisition or sale of an asset such as; legal and notary fees, local taxes and stamp duty (if applicable). By taking advantage of preferential rates typical transaction costs are reduced to just 4.5% (approximately) of the total property value therefore allowing us to pass on this saving to you.


Apply today and start taking advantage of the many benefits, including:

     • Unique high quality products that are not available to the general public.

     • Investments in a base currency of US dollars.

     • Protection against currency devaluation.

     • Protection against inflation.

     • No correlation to stocks.

     • Potentially high capital growth.

     • A transparent fee structure.

     • Flexibility

     • Annual liquidity.

     • Regular reporting.

     • Professional multi-lingual client services

     • Security through regulation


At Pegasus Property Funds we take security very seriously. Security mesures include;

     • Pegasus Property Funds is a legally registered entity in the Republic of Ecuador.

     • The funds are regulated through an independent Trust.

     • All client money is held in segregated bank Accounts.

     • Independent annual audits of all the Funds and assets.

     • Custodian banks are regulated and S&P rated AAA.

     • All Introducers are independent and regulated.

     • All client money is maintained in US dollars.

     • All information is held on a secure server.

     • All transfers are made by electronically.

     • All assets are uncorrelated.

     • All assets are approved by the Fund Advisory Board (FAB).

     • Transactions of $10,000.00 or more are monitored and reported to the Federal Reserve System in the USA.

     • All client money held in the USA is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

     • All client money is registered as Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) with the Central Bank of Ecuador (BCE).

11Land costs are variable in the funds.
2Construction costs are variable depending on the amount of construction in the funds.
3Rental yields relate to the ERCP fund only and are variable.
4Transaction costs are preferential variable rates and relate to all the funds.