Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You have a unique opportunity to invest in our proprietary open-ended, actively managed, Ecuador-domiciled investment funds. We currently offer 3 diverse fund options to choose from, all offering potentially high performance over the short, medium and long-term. By taking investing back to basics, we make it simple and transparent for you to understand exactly what you are investing in, the target performance, security and the the costs involved.

Pegasus Property Funds and all of the products are domiciled in the Republic of Ecuador.

The funds are concentrated in the property sector incorporating underlying assets of; (i) land, (ii) construction, (iii) property, (iv) sales, and (v) rentals for residential and commercial use.

Currently the base currency of all the funds is US dollars, however we accept any currency such as GBP, Euros, Reais, Pesos etc.

If you transfer a currency other than the currency of the funds class your money will be converted (at your risk and expense) at the prevailing rate at the time of the exchange (no assurances are given as to the rate, bank fees or timing of the exchange). You should take into account currency exchange fluctuations when investing in a currency other than that of the funds class.

You can choose how long you wish to invest for to suit your financial needs and investment outlook. We currently offer 3 different investment timelines ranging from 2 - 5 years. It is important that you choose the timeline that is most suitable.

Yes, there is a minimum investment in each fund and you should only invest what you can comfortably afford. The minimum investment for the ELD fund is $50,000.00, for the ELDC fund is $70,000.00 and for the ERCP fund is $100,000.00. Additionally the minimum investment amount of each fund is detailed in the Fund Factsheets and Terms & Conditions.

To apply for an investment with Pegasus Property Funds you have 2 options. You can apply directly to us, but you will have to select which Funds are suitable for you or alternatively we can arrange for an introducer located near you to contact you. The introducer will be able to give you professional independent financial advice as to which funds are the most suitable for your investment needs. Whether you apply directly or indirectly using an introducer you will be required to complete an Application Form (this is available on our website under the fundsdocuments/professionalinvestors page). Once complete this form should be emailed to together with the supporting documentation (we may request the original documents).

It is easy to update your personal information. Just go to the funddocuments/professionalinvestors page on our website and simply download and complete the Personal Information Form with your new details and send the completed form back to us and we will update our systems.

It is easy to increase your investment. Just go to the funddocuments/professionalinvestors page on our website and simply download and complete the Additional Investment Form and send the completed form back to us for processing. Alternatively if you use an introducer they will be able to advise you about increasing your investment.

Yes, it is important to us that you are always kept up to date. Every month we will send the latest Fund Factsheets for the funds you are invested in by email. The current and historical Fund Factsheets for all the funds are also available on our website under the funddocuments/fundfactsheets page. Additionally you will receive a quarterly informational report, annual statement detailing the performance and value of your investment and if you use an introducer, regular personal visits. We are here to make sure you receive the information and service you deserve.

The share price is gross and fluctuates on a monthly basis, based on the performance and value of the underlying assets in the funds. You are allocated shares in the Funds you select in the Application Form based on the US dollar amount received from you by our custodian bank. We simply divide the US dollar amount by the current quoted share price listed giving you a number of shares. The number of shares is calculated to four decimal places (not rounded) meaning you receive the “exact” value of shares. The share price is detailed on the monthly Fund Factsheets allowing you to calculate the gross value of your investment quickly and accurately.

No, we do not guarantee performance in the funds and generally investments that do guarantee performance will achieve only the guaranteed return. All performance is variable however our primary aim is to outperform not only the Benchmark Index (S&P Global BMI Broad Market Index) but also the annual target return for each fund. We believe in a win-win situation because when you make money, we make money! Please note that past performance is not a reliable indicator to future results.

We take security very seriously. All client money is initially held either by our custodian bank, in segregated accounts for each fund prior to the acquisition of an underlying assets or in an indepednent Trust when the assets are purchased. Additionally none of the underlying assets in the funds are held in Pegasus Property Funds name (and not included on our books) but in the name of each fund and ultimately belong to you, the investors. As these are physical assets (e.g. land, property etc.) it means that your investments are protected and no claims can be made on these assets due to all the underlying assest being protected through the independent Trust, in the unlikely event that Pegasus Property Funds is declared bankrupt.

All the funds and underlying assets are regulated through an independent Trust. Some funds may be Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes (UCIS’s) which are classified as higher risk investments and are therefore not suitable for all types of investors. Please seek professional independent financial advice when selecting which funds are the most suitable for your investment needs.

No, under no circumstances do we use leverage in any of the funds. While leverage can provide increased performance on the upside it can also have detrimental effects to investments associated risks of the funds.

We believe in a transparent fee structure so that you know exactly the cost of investing with Pegasus Property Funds. Fees are detailed clearly on the Fund Factsheets and in the Terms & Conditions. Introducers should advise you of all the fees related to your investment prior to you completing the Application Form. We randomly contact investors and confirm they understand the fees associated with their investment during the 14 day cooling off period.

We understand that people change their minds, which is why we give you a 14 day cooling off period from the date your money is received by us. If you choose to cancel your investment during the 14 day cooling off period we will return your money minus any fees (if applicable). No returns will be generated during the cooling off period, however you have the option to waive your rights to the cooling off period by selecting the box in the declaration section of the Application Form. If selected your money will be automatically invested into the funds selected in the Application Form and you will not be able to cancel your invest without a penalty.

If you decide to cancel (redeem) your investment in full, prior to the expiry (redemption) date you will be subject to a penalty. Each fund has a penalty that reduces quarterly over the life of your investment down to zero. We use penalties to protect the stability of the funds and protect all investors. All penalties are detailed in full in the Terms & Conditions.

We understand the liquidity is important and therefore offer a partial withdrawal facility of 10% per annum after a certain period depending on the fund you are invested in. This allows you to be safe in the knowledge that you have emergency access to part of your capital. It is important to understand that partial withdrawals can an effect the overall performance of your investment. Partial withdrawals and early redemptions are subject to the Pegasus Property Funds approval and are not guaranteed.

In short, no. If you’re interested in investing in a particular fund, the first step to consider is whether investing at all is actually the right course of action. To make your mind up, you might look at such factors as your current financial position, your financial objectives for the future and your views on risk. You should also talk to a qualified financial advisor. We do not give advice in these areas, neither can we specifically recommend that Pegasus Property Funds is the best option for you. The ultimate decision to invest is yours. Please note, therefore, that before you become a client, no information on our website is personalised or intended as advice in any way. If you are unsure if investing is right for you, please seek professional independent financial advice. If you do decide to invest with us, we’re there for you every step of the way.

In short, no. There are two types of investment management: advisory and discretionary. Pegasus Property Funds is a discretionary investment manager, which means that we take responsibility for the investment decision making, management, operations and administration of the funds. We do not give advice. Once you have taken the decision to invest with us, our investment team together with the Fund Advisory Board (FAB) makes decisions relating to the acquisition and sale of the underlying assets in the funds, always bearing in mind the objectives of the funds. We promise to manage each fund with integrity, exercising skill, care and due diligence. We’ll spend every moment of the day trying our best to protect and grow the underlying assets in each fund.

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